Sunday, 22 July 2012

Fundy National Park

Recently, Wendy and I visited Fundy National Park. Fundy is located on the rugged shores of the Bay of Fundy, south-west of Moncton, near the cozy seaside town of Alma. Created in 1948 to highlight the unique habitat , Fundy is New Brunswicks first National Park  The park encompasses more than 200 sq. km. and while there are many different things to do in the park, Wendy and I chose to visit a few of the more than 25 waterfalls. Here are the pics, which are also my entry to the meme    enjoy

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


On Canada Day weekend, we visited our cousins in Letete, which is the last community on New Brunswick Route 172. The highway ends at the wharf to catch the ferry to Deer Island. This free ferry route, serviced year round by two ferries, is a great way to see excellent views of Passamaquoddy Bay. We parked at the wharf and walked on to the John E. Rigby, capacity 17 cars, and leaned against the rail as we were amazed by the views during the 20 minute ride to Deer Island. After an organized unloading, a horn blew to signal  a new round of loading and we were back underway for the scheduled return. The first picture is of some fungi living on a rugged costal boulder and my entry for mellow yellow monday