Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Scenic Drive

 This time of the year is especially hard for me as I am not able to get out into the woods as much as I would like. There is still too much snow for boots but not consistent enough levels for skis and snowshoes, that makes it the perfect time to go for a drive. Every year at the end of March, as the days get warmer and the snow starts to disappear from the farm fields, the deer emerge from their wintering grounds looking for the first new growth of spring. The geese are also returning. Wendy and I like to drive to Douglas Harbour then down to Scotchtown, around to Clarks Corner, out to Ripples and back home to Minto. Usually we can see upwards of several hundred deer. While there are deer around in the afternoon, late evening is the best viewing time. There are rumors of a partially albino deer near the government garage in Lakeville Corner but he has eluded me..... A common theme as anyone who knows my track record hunting deer will attest to.

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