Saturday, 27 August 2011

This week's random shots

These are some random shots from the past two weeks, The first picture is a cut (hole left behind by strip mining). Once they have removed all the coal the water pumps are turned off and the "cut" fills with spring water. Not all are this color, but there are many examples of this around Minto. I have posted pictures of this old Dodge before, but I was out for a walk in the woods and could not walk by without snapping a few shots. How long it sat before I found it is anyone"s guess, but I have been visiting this truck for more than 35 years. I had to post the funny pics of the baby budgies. The mother hen had 6 eggs and 4 have hatched, all a few days apart. Perhaps, this is where the term " spread eagled " comes from.

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  1. Hi - Just wanted to say the pics of the budgies remind me of Jurassic park creatures.