Monday, 29 July 2013


Here are pics from 2 afternoons of kayaking at the causeway behind my house. The causeway is the local name for the meadow created where the Newcastle Stream meets Grand Lake. This is such a diverse area with lots of flora and fauna, beautiful lush grasses and wild rice, and lots of wildlife. This is a bird watchers paradise as a family of osprey, two bald eagles, several kingfishers(my personal favourite), terns. red-winged blackbirds and many other birds call the meadow home in the summer. The main channel of the river flows lazily through the meadow and the many inlets and small lakes created by the grasses are great for exploring in the kayak. Another interesting spot to explore is to paddle up the river to the head of tide, that is the farthest point upstream where the river is affected by the tide. Here huge trees, with exposed roots, hang eerily over the water casting long shadows giving it a feeling of mystery and danger

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  1. Gorgeous photos, Rob. I love the eerie feel at the head of tide, but my favourite is the turtle on the log. It's been so long since I've lived anywhere turtles can be found, and I love to see them.