Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Riverside Rescue

Wendy and I rescued this little guy off the road near the twin bridges on the through fare to the River Road in Mauggerville. He was standing in the middle of the road beside his sibling who had been hit. As I slowed down and pulled over he ran into the ditch and disappeared. I went to check on the one still on the road and as I picked up his lifeless little body I realised it was a beautiful baby loon. I felt so bad I didn't have the heart to take his picture. As I was removing him from the road, Wendy noticed the other one standing quite still near the ditch. As we approached him it became obvious the he had entangled himself in the short weeds and could not escape. As I reached to free him, he was calm and quiet. I cradled him in one hand and removed the short vines from around his neck.Once free, he remained calm and was grateful enough to pose for a quick pic before we guided him toward a small pond in hopes that his mother was nearby and that they would be reunited.


  1. Thank goodness for you and Wendy, Rob. And I suspect it must have been just the slightest bit difficult to leave him in hopes his mother was nearby. I know I'd have shed more than a tear or two.

  2. I cried as I read this. Anyone who is this kind to a helpless little creature has a special place in heaven. I already know you and Wendy have a spot reserved. Keep up the good work and love your posts!