Thursday, 30 June 2011

Latest Birds

These are my latest bird photos and one of a  lonely porcupine. The yellow-rumped warbler has been eating flies from my second story window for about a week. He taps lightly on the window each time and now even the dogs aren't paying attention to him. The osprey seemed very upset with the crow, but could not catch him, as the crow deftly avoided the osprey with quick, last second moves. As kids, we had fun calling each other a yellow-bellied sapsucker, but here is a pic of the real thing. The great blue heron figured out a way to get an easy meal. The last two pics are of a little bird living in my yard. He is very adept at catching flys and moths, and seems to use his tail as a counter-weight when sitting. If anyone recognizes this little guy, I would appreciate identification.

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