Sunday, 19 June 2011


 Some people were asking about the Arrowhead on my intro page. I found it two summers ago at Princess Park. Wendy and I were walking on the beach and it was laying right at my feet. It was only five meters from the road and less than that from the Keyhole brook  Here are a few additional pics of the two faces and 
the edge. Based on the shape, I think it is between 3000 and 11000 years old. Corrections are welcomed

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  1. Hi Robfar, Just a friendly FYI but a law that was passed a few years back makes it illegal to pick up/collect artifacts unless you have a proper permit. So if you do intend to look for, collect in the future, do apply for a permit from the Heritage Branch. Having said that, I am sure that the province would be interested in knowing what you found and where, so that they may record the location.